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Publication on eLife

Cryo-EM of two polymorphic structures of alpha-synuclein fibrils by Luc Bousset and Ronald Melki from CNRS has just be published on eLife:. Read the publication.

35 years Anniversary

As part of the LMB-365 project, Michel Goedert was recognised this week for 35 years at LMB (The Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology) focussing on the study of Alzheimer’s disease, helping to show that the aggregation of tau protein is sufficient to cause neurodegeneration and dementia. LMB 365 – Day 336.

Post-Brexit scenarios

Regarding the participation of British researchers in Horizon 2020 projects, UK Research and Innovation’s (UKRI) Brussels-based UK Research Office (UKRO) is maintaining and regularly updating a factsheet providing the latest information on the current situation.

If the Withdrawal Agreement is ratified before Brexit, UK participation in Horizon 2020 will be ensured until the end of the programme and for the lifetime of projects.
In the event of a no-deal scenario, different rules will apply depending on whether UK bids to EU calls have been submitted before 31 October 2019 or after.
If UK bids to EU calls have been submitted before 31 October 2019, in case of a no-deal brexit the UK government has committed to guarantee competitive UK bids to EU funding submitted before exit, even if they are notified of their success after exit, for the lifetime of the projects.
If UK bids to EU calls have been submitted after 31 October 2019, the funding for successful UK bids will be guaranteed not by the EU but by UKRI itself, which has been appointed to administer the UK’s guarantee and post-EU exit extension. The funding then will be ensured for the lifetime of such projects, even if they last beyond 2020. The UK government is seeking discussions with the European Commission to agree the details of the UK’s continued participation as a third country.
Source: Swisscore, UKRI

Interview of Benjamin Falcon on Neuronet

An interview of Benjamin Falcon (LMB team) entitled "Spotlight on early-career investigators: an interview with Benjamin Falcon" was published this month on Neuronet, the European network on Neurodegeneration research.

NEURONET website launched

We are pleased to announce that the NEURONET Coordination and Support Action on neurodegeneration research launches its website.

NEURONET is a three-year coordination and support action that kicked off in March 2019. The aim of NEURONET is to set up an efficient platform to boost collaboration across research projects focusing on neurodegenerative diseases, including but not limited to Alzheimer’s disease.

Enjoy browsing this new site which also links to a network of existing IMI projects in the field, amongst which IMPRiND is proud to be.

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