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Mathias Jucker receives international award

Congratulations to Prof @MathiasJucker from the DZNE team for winning the International Prize for Translational Neuroscience of the Gertrud Reemtsma Foundation, together with Maiken Nedergaard & Roy Weller.

More info:

Publication in Acta Neuropathologica Communications by IMPRiND partner DZNE

New paper from Gaye Tanrıöver, Mehtap Bacioglu @mehtapbacioglu and Mathias Jucker @MathiasJucker reporting prominent microglial inclusions in transgenic mouse models of α-synucleinopathy that are distinct from neuronal lesions. Read the paper.

Nature Communication by partner UBx

Erwan Bezard & colleagues report a nano-scale exploration of extracellular space features relevant for the #Parkinsons-associated α-synuclein propagation hypothesis & they suggest matrix manipulation could be a disease-modifying strategy. Read the communication.

Publication in Nature by IMPRiND partner Michel Goedert.

New insights into the cryo-EM structures of alpha-synuclein filaments isolated from MSA and DLB brain by IMPRiND partner Michel Goedert. Read the article.

Draft future IMI Call topics published online

The draft texts of the topics that are slated for inclusion in IMI’s next Calls for proposals are published:
  • IMI2 – Call 22 is a single-stage Call for proposals designed to support research activities that will build on, and add value to, results from certain ongoing IMI2 projects.
  • IMI2 – Call 23 is a standard, two-stage Call for proposals with the following topics:
    • Returning clinical trial data to study participants within a GDPR compliant and approved framework
    • Modelling the impact of monoclonal antibodies and vaccines on the reduction of antimicrobial resistance This topic is part of IMI’s Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Accelerator programme.
    • A platform for accelerating biomarker discovery and validation to support therapeutics development for neurodegenerative diseases
    • Optimal treatment for patients with solid tumours in Europe through artificial intelligence
    • Shortening the path to rare disease diagnosis by using new born genetic screening and digital technologies
    • Behavioural model of factors affecting patient adherence
The Calls are both scheduled for launch on 23 June 2020.

To learn more.

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